A blog to document my passion and ongoing efforts to be cast on Survivor

Hello fellow Survivor fans! A new blog to detail my efforts and passion to appear on CBS Survivor.

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Today I’m beginning to publicly express my interest and obsession with being cast on SURVIVOR. Ever since the very first episode appeared in 2000, I was hooked. At the time, my first child was 1 year old and I was the new owner of a small family business. Needless to say the timing was not great. I had to settle for obsessing over every contestant, every challenge, every episode and every season. Finally, ten years later, and one kid later, after years of strategizing and fantasizing, I would have the opportunity to audition. In October 2010, I flew all the way from New Hampshire to Texas for my first open casting call. The experience was memorable and really made me think about how to approach future opportunities. Since that first time, I have attended 5 additional open casting calls from Miami, to Pennsylvania, to Massachusetts. I have submitted 4 audition videos, going back to the Sears Fan Favorite contest. The most recent being a video submitted to be considered for Blood vs. Water. My personal goal for 2015 is definitely to get the attention of Lynne Spillman (the casting director for the greatest show ever) and/or Jeff Probst (the best TV show host ever of course.) and to get on and win SURVIVOR! I won’t be able to live with myself if I am not at least somewhat memorable though, maybe on last name status with Jeff, because as every true fan knows, if he really likes you he calls you by your last name. This blog is intended as a way to channel my efforts, showcase my obsession, and share my passion with other super fans of the greatest show ever, all in the hopes that one day, I will have the opportunity to show the world my game on Survivor.


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