A blog to document my passion and ongoing efforts to be cast on Survivor

Blueprint for the blog

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I have sooooo many ideas on what I would like to include in this blog. They range from thoughts on strategy, and my tireless research on the past seasons of Survivor. To preparing physically to survive my time on the island, then to things like practicing challenges, that I am able to recreate at home. I will also share parts of my personal story and my previous attempts to be cast on the show. My partner on this journey is my 15 year old daughter who I have raised to be as obsessed as me. We push each other to think quicker, train harder and to learn to control the sarcasm that so naturally flows between us ( and could possibly end up offending people who aren’t as humorous as us). Together we hope to succeed in the goal of being cast, learn new blogging skills, improve my physical readiness to participate, and enjoy the time spent working together to create this blog.

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