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Open Casting Call -I Made it on Live TV!

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So, I made it home to New Hampshire after a long day at Mohegan Sun Pocono. Over 700 people came out to audition for Survivor! This is the largest turnout I have seen in years and the local CBS folks did a great job. They kept plugging away and vowed to film as many auditions as possible. I was fortunate to be #266. I arrived a bit after 9AM and filmed around 2PM. It was a 5 hour wait for 60 seconds to plead my case to the casting folks that hold my dreams in their hands.

During the wait I tried to soak in the experience. I got to know a senior in college studying Marketing, a retired NYC cop that does not like to fly, crazy dog lady (that wasn’t so crazy) and a hair model that yells “POW!” when he removes his shirt for a photo shoot.

While waiting, I was selected (I jumped at the chance) to be part of the live TV coverage on WBRE.

(link to the TV segment below)

I don’t know if the casting folks look to see the news coverage, but my thought is you always have to be ready for that moment.  It is one thing to prepare for your 60 second interview, it is another to be confident enough to hop on camera and give your pitch on live TV. So there you go, those are my thoughts. To any casting people who might have stumbled across this blog, put me on the show!! I’ll look damn sexy on that island.


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