A blog to document my passion and ongoing efforts to be cast on Survivor


I am 44 years old, divorced, formally rich, and a recovering Lymie. I can’t fish with a line and a pole, so my attempt with a Hawaiian sling would be interesting, and probably very humorous. I can’t consistently, or successfully make fire (although I am working on it) or build shelter. I’m a germaphobe, galeophobe and andophidiophobe (germs/sharks/snakes) which obviously is not ideal for a tropical setting. Other descriptive terms – agnostic, sarcastic, tea party, arrogant, funny (at least I think I am), athletic (at least I was ten years ago), and the Hugest Survivor Fan ever of course! morally sound(ish), eye-roller/facially expressive, and a horrible memory. I am great at puzzles, but it is possible that my natural tendency to needle the other contestants during a challenge, or anything for that matter, may hinder my gift… Born in Queens NY, and raised on Long Island living in New Hampshire as I have been for the last twenty years.  I have a NY attitude with a NH mask, although in some situations the mask is less obvious than others
Applicant City: Formally from Long Island, NY – Where many of your best players have come from. I share a sense of humor with the smartest player to never win, Rob Cesternino, as well as the location I grew up in. I would also like to think I share a little bit of Tom Westman’s challenge abilities and his strong compete level.
Home Phone: Ex kept the home as well as the home phone
Weight: Currently 194, plan to enter game at 183. Been told by many people that I look damn sexy at 175.


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